Communauto inc.

Beneva Inc. is pleased to partner with Communauto, a car-sharing organization, to which you subscribe. We insure its fleet.

Useful information about the insurance contract
Contract No. 10371871-006
Contract term: 11-30-2023 to 11-30-2024 exclusive
Insured's contact information: Communauto inc.
1117 Ste-Catherine W
Suite 806
Montreal (Quebec)
H3B 1H9
Insured vehicles All vehicles belonging to or leased by Communauto Inc.


Who are the insureds?

In the event of civil liability resulting from bodily injury or property damage caused to third parties, the insureds are:

  • Communauto Inc.
  • Communauto subscribers driving an insured vehicle

In the event of damage to insured vehicles, the only designated insured is Communauto Inc.

What is covered?

Description Amount (reimbursement or deductible)
Section A - Civil Liability
Property damage and bodily injury caused to third parties 
Max. reimbursement: $5M
Section B - Loss of or damage to insured automobile
Coverage 2: Collision or upset
Coverage 3: Comprehensive excluding collision or upset

Deductible: $10,000 per loss
Deductible: $10,000 per loss


Description Amount (reimbursement or deductible)
Q.E.F.  No. 2: Vehicles driven by designated drivers which are not owned by the designated insured (Section A): Subscribers using the vehicles  - 
Q.E.F. No. 8: Deductible for property damage (Section A) Deductible: $10,000 per occurence
Q.E.F.  No. 20A: Transportation expenses (broad form) (Section B)

Other expenses covered during the trip

Travel expenses: $50 per day
Total limit: $1,500 per loss
Covered expenses : $750

Q.E.F No. 27: Civil liability resulting from damage caused to vehicles of which the named insured is not owner  

Section A: $50,000
Section B2: deductible of $10,000 
Section B3: deductible of $10,000 

Q.E.F. No. 33: Endorsement for roadside assistance fees  - 
Q.E.F. No. 34: Accident benefits
Section 1: Subsection A and B – Death and dismemberment benefits
Subsection C – Reimbursement of medical fees
Section 2: Total disability

$2,000 $ per non-insured person
not covered
Q.E.F. No. 43A: Change to loss payment endorsement (Section B) – Partial loss – New parts
Q.E.F. No. 43E: Change to loss payment endorsement (Section B) – Total loss – Compensation according to replacement value


Q.P.F. No.1- Quebec Automobile Insurance Policy (2014-03) (PDF, 13 pages) 

Insurance certificate - use for business (PDF, 1 page)

Insurance certificate (PDF, 1 page)


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